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Mar 2016
Home Exterior

Houses in the United States are as varied as its people. From north to south, east to west, there are various styles of homes. Some are simple, boasting straight lines and symmetry, while others are artistic with many curves and embellishments. Some of these homes are easy to maintain, due to their simplicity, while others …

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Feb 2016
Select Exterior Colors

Painting isn’t a hard task, but painting well is surprisingly harder than it looks. It’s not just the act of painting itself, but choosing colors and matching shades can be a daunting task. Professional interior painting contractors have an eye for color, and now you can, too, with these tips to help you make color …

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Jan 2016
Interior painting

As 2016 opens, we look to the future in every aspect of our lives, including our homes. Interior design is an ever changing and growing concept. It’s said that 2016 will be the year of the crossroads with respect to traditional and modern design. The theme of the year is duality. These are the colors, …

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