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Sep 2016
Interior painting for a guest house

If you have been thinking of having an additional room added onto your house, converting an existing garden shed may be a better alternative. Most garden sheds end up being the place where you put all types of things you don’t want or will never use again. Turning it into a useful living space serves …

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Aug 2016
Wood siding for the home

Putting siding on your home will increase its value and give it an entirely new appearance. Granted, exterior painting can also make your house look prettier and protect the materials underneath, but not to the same degree that siding can. There are a number of materials made to use for siding today, each with its …

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Jul 2016
Professional interior painting

There is something about looking at those bright, deep hues of color that just makes you feel good; but if you are putting those colors on your walls, a little bit goes a long way. An accent wall can give you the intense color you crave without overwhelming the entire room or inadvertently impacting the …

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Apr 2015
Interior Side Entry Walls Door and Trim Painted the Same Color

I am by no means an interior designer. But I recently toured several different designer homes with some friends looking to move. I gotta tell you … there are some great ways to add design appeal by painting interior doors and trim that never occur to me. I always think of painting color on the interior …

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